Bechdel #2
Friday, July 8th at 8pm

The Larsens

The Larsens (French for the tone created by sonic feedback) is an all female noise / feedback choir. The group of 7 experimental vocalists are using their voices through amps, synths, effects and other gadgets to create a disembodied choir. The choir features Jo Bramli, Megan Clifton, Chloe Wallace, Ingrid Plum, Emily Moth, Kassia Zermon and Tabitha Smith. Going from 'soft' or 'pure' unamplified voices to full, dominating and effected noise, they explore how one is to be perceived by the tone of their voices and what impact this plays.

Postcards From The Volcano

Born in 2015 out of a love for the outdoors, Postcards from the Volcano perform live utilising text and alternative scores, featuring spoken, taped and 
manipulated voice, found objects, object resonance and other sonic eccentricities focusing on the poetics of landscape, 
nature and space in relation to the human, interweaving conversation and on location pre-records with spoken word pieces, sound art, 
sonic experiments, sound collage, classical, contemporary, folk and many other forms of music.

Jo Burke

Multi-instrumentalist and folk singer, after many years collating folk songs and performing with Mary Hampton Jo will be performing a mixture of traditional folk songs and her own compositions. Her voice and sparse instrumentation are transporting.

The Zero Map

The Zero Map is the duo of Chloe Wallace & Karl M V Waugh. They live in Brighton, England and they make ambient industrial soundscapes and silly noises.

Entry by donation (suggested £4), all proceeds to the acts. If you are unable to donate please come and offer your support in other ways, like helping pack up :)

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