Infrasection #2: Jobina Tinnemans, Nil, Distant Animals
Thursday, April 14 at 8 PM - 11 PM

Lost Property are thrilled to announce Infrasection #2 – another night of intimate performances at Cafe Noor. This time we are proud to present an improvised set by accomplished contemporary composer Jobina Tinnemans.

Jobina Tinnemans is a contemporary composer working in crossover disciplines of electronics, classical music and contemporary art. She incorporates analogue and digital, lo-fi and high-­end techniques as well as non-musicians and ancient crafts. All possible ways to express the sounds she hears in nature, from the smallest micro-texture of rustling grasses to the dramatic sounds of the weather.

"Known for her work with concrete sounds, Dutch-Welsh composer Jobina Tinnemans follows the lead of the late Cornelius Cardew, incorporating nonmusicians into a new music context." – MATA, New York

Nil is Chris Parfitt on wind instruments, voice and found objects with Dan Powell on tuned percussion, found objects and voice. They combine acoustic free improvisation with elements of performance art and have performed at venues across the South East. Nil explore the boundaries between audience and performer, as well as the not very loud and the very quiet.

Distant Animals uses text, synthesis and social intervention to explore notions of Otherness embodied in contemporary approaches to participation, community, and the creative articulation of shared space. www.

Ticket on sale now:

Limited Infrasection #2 prints available on the night for just a few little pounds.

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