Infrasection #4
Thursday, June 16th at 8pm - 11pm

Jennifer Allum is a violinist specialising in improvised and new music. Based in London, Allum studied at York and Goldsmith's universities, and was a long time attendee of Eddie Prevost's weekly Friday night workshops. She has a few recordings available, all on Matchless Recordings, the most recent of which was a duo with cellist Ute Kanngiesser, which was recorded in the Bell Tower of Hackney.

In Threads is a trio featuring members of Paniak, Bolide, Four Manatees, Binnsclagg and West Hill Blast Quartet, who make you giddy with a banquet of cello, drums and assorted blowy / hitty things.

Hákarl is the solo project of Kev Nickells. Musician/ writer/ moaner - professionally does something or other to do with computers. Interested in exceptionally long gigs (viz, disestablishing material-fetish music). Hired improv gun. Somewhere in the region of Schnittke/ Ayler. Easily wound-up, which doesn't necessarily make his time-keeping any good.

Limited Infrasection #4 prints available on the night.

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