Malin Headwreck, Ingrid Plum, Daniel Spicer & Dynamic Downer
Friday, 18th March 2016

Malin Headwreck

Sound architects Bela Emerson and David K Frampton celebrate the launch of their new album '1' on Eyeless Records at this launch night which will also be live recorded for material on subsequent releases. Bela Emerson is a well respected and brilliant musician and community workshop leader blending electric cello with pedals, loops and an array of fx. David K Frampton will be performing electronic rhythms from his drum machine using pedals and hardware to create deep techno and electronic vistas.

Ingrid Plum

Ingrid's spellbinding performances combine song with experimental drones and found sound fragments. Her accapelas are hauntingly spare and beautiful whilst she expands the parameters music with her machines. Ingrid Plum is an extremely inspirational and gifted artist recently releasing her debut album Plangent.

Daniel Spicer

Live spoken word poetry from Daniel Spicer an artist whose credits include curating the Alternative Jazz Festival, numerous publications, scribing for The Wire on outer limits jazz and performing in Bollides and the recently lauded West Hill Blast Quartet. Needless to say Thought Channel is very excited!

Dynamic Downer

Sam Collins is notable for his guitar work with Reds, collaborating with Jack Cottrel, Gary Goodman and most recently David K Frampton not to mention a new supergroup in the making! (all will be revealed). Solo Sam Collins exports his guitar in a Dead Man Neil Young/ Dylan Carson kind of vein whilst putting his own very personal touch onto carefully constructed compositions that are just free enough to feel improvised yet tightly honed to his own internal devastatingly beautiful vision.

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