Octabeast Galerea

Octabeast Galerea is a multi-media collaboration from electronic musician Andrew Greaves and photographer Simon Peacock. This five hour continuous performance combines electronic composition and improvisation with projected photographs and field recordings.


Andrew Greaves lives in Brighton and is a member of Broken Star, who perform live soundtracks to screenings of early silent cinema. Andrew has also worked with Ron Caines (East of Eden), The TR Agency, Deobrat Mishra and Some Some Unicorn. He is a member of the Brighton based, Spirit of Gravity and Safehouse collectives.


Simon Peacock is a London based photographer. He previously collaborated with the TR Agency for their performance at Brighton Dome and has made images for several Andrew Greaves performances. Simon’s work has been published in magazines and in the British Life Photography Awards 2014 and 2015.


Concert versions of Octabeast have been performed since 2013, including a special performance in 2015 for the Terry Riley 80th birthday celebration event at the One Church Brighton. This event premiers the piece in a multi-media, gallery setting. For this performance, Andrew has structured the work around a series of 8 traditional Georgian music scales.


This event begins at 2pm, with the five hour live performance running from 3pm until 8pm. Visitors are invited to listen and watch for as long as they wish; possibly returning later to see how the piece has evolved.


Andrew Greaves email: greavespalace@yahoo.co.uk

Simon Peacock email: simon@simonpeacock.com   Simon Peacock web: simonpeacock.com

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