Thought Channel 3
Friday, April 29 at 8 PM

Welcome to the 3rd Thought Channel event in association with Eyeless Records. We have special guest London sound artist Lisa Busby, David K Frampton, Porridge Radio and spoken word from Gary Goodman.

Lisa Busby is a musician, artist and DJ. She performs and composes with bands The Nomadic Female DJ Troupe, Rutger Hauser and Sleeps in Oysters, as well as working independently. She is particularly interested in using domestic or outdated playback media as instruments, but also works in text based score, installation and site specific performance. She is Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, and runs the project Editions Of You, a music archive and distro of handmade, DIY releases. This date is part of a spring tour of Sweden, Norway and the UK.

Porridge Radio is a musician singing beautiful yet edgy songs about hope, alienation, human life and beyond. Her band and her have been wowing audiences in Brighton with their lofi post-punk explosions and now we are delighted to invite her to Thought Channel for an intimate solo show. She released a fanzine/cdr on Eyeless of solo tracks called "Misery Radio" and recently published a split set with West America as a tape on Memorials of Distinction. She is currently recording her debut for Memorials…

David K Frampton has been honing an electronic pop sound that draws on his love of Spacemen 3, Ingrid Plum and Calvin Johnson as well as developing his own unique voice, especially with his accapelas that intersperse his sets, crafted on the open mic circuit in Brighton. His songs are about compassion and love and wonder. He also runs Eyeless Records and had an LP out in 2014 called "Pop Ice" which was a heart-break album and melded electronics with candid and raw vocals. He is currently recording his follow up LP for release in 2017 which will also be Eyeless Records 10th anniversary.

Gary Goodman is a wordsmith whose reflections on life portray a dry wit and sense of human kindness amongst the tragedy.. Worthing based, Gary Goodman is also an exceptionally talented painter and has had exhibitions all over the world. It is with great honour that he takes to the stage for Eyeless Records. He recorded a CDR for Eyeless named "January" in 2012 with Nick Hudson and has since gone on to collaborate with Sam Collins and Embla Quickbeam who he shall be appearing with supporting Gnod for Tatty Seaside Town very soon.

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