Thought Channel 6

Welcome to Thought Channel 6, Eyeless Records signature performance event.

Thought Channel is the social enterprise wing of Eyeless promoting events that tie in with performers and concerns within the realm of mental health and how music helps us to heal. This event at the up and coming Cafe Noor venue will be a fund-raiser for Live Mind Experience project which you can read about below.

Nuala Brooks

Nuala’s delicate truthful and cosmic song and poetry touches on a life lived through the dreams and sensations of youth through to the strange wonder of adulthood. This is one of her first performances and she will be singing songs that are sensual, heartbreaking and beautiful. Also excitingly she will be reading one of her many poems which depict a life lived and a life won. Eyeless Records and Thought Channel are very excited.

Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson has just released Ganymede In A State Of War which The Quietus described as “a song-suite of liberation, violence and ambition that is rich in promise and dizzying in its potential”. Nick Hudson played some of the first Eyeless Records nights in Brighton as well as performing at Eyeless 5th birthday bash. We are very excited to have him back. He is a fearless and bold adventurer whose talent and ambition are equally matched. He is also unpredictable and exciting to work with. We are thrilled to be hosting a unique performance by him at Thought Channel.

Allison’ Gate

Carolina Forteza’s work as Allison’s Gate follows a deep immersive furrow through murky expressive and delicate song form music, improvisation and to my ears: soul. Her songs and ruminations can flow delicately from one cadence to another almost freeform and suspended in a kind of soul bearing melancholy. They are simply beautiful and it is with great honour that Allison’s Gate graces the stage at Thought Channel at the end of September.

Fund raising for Live Experience Project:


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